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gender equality in the workplace, training leaders, male allies, leadership training

Choosing the Opportunity to Win

By | Communication, Conflict Resolution, Positive Thinking | 2 Comments

“Leaders face a challenge, and choose to see the opportunities to win

One trait rings true of today’s strongest leaders.  They are genuinely optimistic.  They see a challenging situation, and instead of barking orders, or demanding instant results, they pause.  They do things like ask questions, observe the team in action, and ask questions before jumping to conclusions.  They offer a different perspective.  They welcome diverse thinking from the team.  In fact, they demand it.

In my coaching, I hear about lots of challenging situations with employees and tough career choices.  We often limit our thinking to a finite set of choices based on fear.  Instead, good leaders confront that fear, and choose to think bigger and bolder in the direst situations.  They ask – what is possible?  They expand the dialogue.  If the situation is a real challenge, they ask – what will we gain?

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gender equality in the workplace, training leaders, male allies, leadership training

Smile Check

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“Our body language affects our team”

A leader shared a dialogue he had with a team member recently.  It went something like this.

Team member:  “Woah – you must be mad”

Leader:  “Why do you say that?”

Team member:  “You have a scowl on your face.  Someone must have done something to make you mad.”

Leader:  “I am not mad.  It must just be the way my face looks.”

Ever experienced something like this?  You are not feeling an emotion that your body language is somehow sending.  Synchronicity has escaped us.  This confuses people, leading to misperceptions about our attitudes, and even our opinions of their performance.  Team members can jump to all sorts of conclusions and worst case scenarios based on a something that is not true.

When we are in tune with our emotions, monitor them, and adjust them to mirror our true feelings, we have a positive impact on the team.

Here’s the rest of Todd’s story.

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gender equality in the workplace, training leaders, male allies, leadership training

Make it a Dialogue

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“I can be quiet longer than you”

I had the privilege to work with an experienced leader and coach in a recent workshop.  Sharon had many years of coaching experience, and embraced me as a new coach to her team with open arms.  We affectionately called her “Yoda.”  I admit, at first, I did not understand the reference, but after finally watching Star Wars, I agreed.  She was so good at teaching through self-discovery.  Sharon taught me and the leaders around her a lot.  The biggest takeaway I had was leadership is a dialogue.  It’s not a one-way communication, but a two-way discussion.

Here’s Sharon’s story.

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Diversity is a candid conversation.

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