Sometimes it is difficult to know where you want or need to improve as a leader, or “what’s next” for you in your career.  Based on our clients’ needs, we developed a proprietary Pivot Point Career Assessment leveraging proven communication assessment tools.  We also utilize a proven Pivot Point Leadership Assessment that utilizes 360 feedback to learn more about yourself as a leader, and what you want from your dream job.

Pivot Point Leadership & Career Assessments

Pivot Point Career Assessment

This is a proprietary extension of Everything DiSC®, with 21 additional areas to determine the best fit for you and your dream job, including a personalized coaching session to begin your plan.

Pivot Point Leadership Assessment

Our proven 360 assessment helps leaders learn how they are perceived by others, including direct reports, managers, peers, and clients.  The feedback helps leaders grow and focus on three key strategies to improve as a leader using the proven Wiley 363® tool.

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