12 Key Attributes of Inclusive Leaders

I believe there are 12 Key Attributes of being an Inclusive Leader. Today’s leader has so much vying for their time with office politics, email, and employee conflicts just to name a few. As a leader in Corporate America for 12 years, and facilitating inclusive leadership in classrooms and on stages for nearly a decade, I know that leaders want to be better, yet often do not have the time or resources to learn and grow.

Inclusive leaders stand out because they are self-aware, they are vulnerable, and they demonstrate empathy for others that are different than themselves. I prioritized and weighed the top 12 key attributes of inclusive leaders and found these to be true:

  • Self-Awareness – I know who I am and who I am not. I admit mistakes. I have a strong personal why for diversity and inclusive.
  • Self-Management – I manage my emotions. I influence the emotions of others. I show up consistently as a caring person to others.
  • Comfort with Discomfort – I do not run from conflict. I like tough conversations. I give others the tools to be their best selves.
  • Your Ally Role – I stay in my lane. I mentor. I coach. I advocate for others that are underrepresented.
  • Space for Others – I let others solve their own problems. I embrace change. I create space for others to grow.
  • Your Diversity Story – I know why diversity matters to me and others. I share my story. I facilitate positive change with my story.
  • Leadership Style – I know my style. I know my weaknesses. I know my strengths.
  • Unconscious Bias – I check my bias consistently. I manage bias of others. I call out bad behavior.
  • Gender – I understand gender bias. I know the gender spectrum. I value gender equality.
  • Race – I am conscious of systems that support racial bias. I know my role in the system of racism. I seek to understand the experiences of people of color.
  • LGBTQ+ – I celebrate gay rights more than pride month. I use the term “partner.” I openly encourage people to bring their full selves to work.
  • Sustainable Systems – I set goals for diversity and inclusion. I hold myself accountable for being more inclusive. I consistently talk about diversity and inclusion with my team.

Want your managers to behave more like this?  Very few do today. How are you doing with these 12 key attributes of being an inclusive leader?

That is why I developed the Lead Like an Ally program.

The Lead Like an Ally program is a 12-month inclusive leadership program designed to guide managers with tools, strategies, and techniques to be more inclusive. With no more than one hour a month time commitment, it meets leaders where they are at on their ally journey in a safe, comfortable virtual learning environment with workbook exercises to apply learning real-time.

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