Your Next Pivot Point journey starts here. This collection of diversity and inclusion resources contains insights and tools to help you and your organization create and implement positive, sustainable changes to the workplace.

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Allyship Is The New DEI

Allyship Is The New DEI

Allyship initiatives and programs are a way for businesses to continue inclusive development while preventing business risk amidst DEI pushback.

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The Diversity Pivot Podcast

Join TEDx speaker and inclusive leadership trainer and author Julie Kratz on this weekly podcast sharing stories about those leading like allies, with tools to develop inclusive leaders and promote diversity and inclusion at work.

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The Inclusion School Podcast

Learn how to have brave conversations with children about diversity and inclusion for educators, caregivers, and parents.

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Check out our robust Resources List with tons of book, film, podcast, and article suggestions for antiracists and developing allies.

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Recent publications and guest podcast interviews Julie has given as a thought leader on diversity, inclusion, and allyship in the workplace.

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Listen to “What if Through Claiming our True Gender, We Claim Our True Strength?” presented by Julie Kratz.

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