ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality

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Our Purpose

Develop leaders.
Coach women to build winning career game plans.
Promote gender equality.

At Pivot Point, our goal is to develop leaders.

We do this by providing strategies, tools, and ideas for women and men to partner together for gender equality and to build winning career game plans.

Throughout my research and work with successful men and women leaders throughout my career, I’ve seen the importance of men supporting women. We rarely recognize the “male allies” behind successful women, and my new book, ONE, is intended to help men and women understand the importance of “male allies.”


When men & women come together as leaders, they succeed, and succeed fast.

What would your organization look like if gender equality goals were a priority?

What’s going well in your career/life/organization?

How will you continuously lead with influence?

What’s holding you back?

What’s your purpose?

How can you find or become a "Male Ally"?

What are your natural strengths?

Who fuels your confidence and challenges you to succeed?

How can you practice self-care?

What words describe your natural leadership style?

It’s very common to wrestle with questions such as these, and leadership development & coaching is pivotal to success.

Those that have a plan, win.

In a series of interviews with everyday high potential leaders,
Julie found that very few have a career game plan, and…

those that have a plan have an 80% higher success rate.

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