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With this international financial company we facilitated an annual Allyship & Ambassador cohort program to upskill this company’s senior male leaders (and their mentees) with a series of regular workshops on aligned topics. This is a competitive cohort program with applications and referrals required for male leaders, and a robust alumni network.

We provide the cohort with the live facilitated workshops and with right-sized activities and prompts for participants to work on between sessions.

We cover topics such as:

  • Your Ally Journey as an Ambassador
  • Set Expectations for Mentoring
  • Facilitate Inclusive Meetings
  • Build Your Career Game Plan



With this global tech company we’ve facilitated several years of virtual facilitated workshops to continuously provide education to various international teams. We’ve covered a range of topics on diversity, inclusion and allyship concepts and skill sets such as:

  • Lead Like an Ally
  • Create Space for Others Different than You
  • Lead With Vulnerability & Empathy
  • The Allyship Journey
  • Facilitate Inclusive Meetings
  • Understanding Intersectionality as an Ally
  • Developing the Next Generation of Little Allies
  • Dismantling Systems for Positive Change


“We have continued to see an increase in participation and engagement in our learning offerings.”

Tripadvisor is proud and honored to continue to effectively partner and grow with Next Pivot Point. Next Pivot Point is thoughtful, intentional, and supportive of our company, our global employees, and the commitment we have to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Over our multi-year partnership, the team has taken the time to understand our learning needs and support us in building out our short and long-term goals to ensure Tripadvisor Group is a great place to work for employees and a top destination for consumers alike. We have continued to see an increase in participation and engagement in our learning offerings and we are excited to continue to build together in 2024. 

Lindsay Geier (涂婷) (She/her/hers)
Senior Program Manager, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Tripadvisor Group


With a smaller US based construction and engineering company beginning their DEI journey, we facilitated a company-wide DEI Assessment to gain metrics around perceptions and demographic data.

We then facilitated a daylong DEI Strategy & Roadmap session with their DEI committee and senior leadership team incorporating the DEI assessment data results.

To gain senior leadership buy-in we then facilitated an in person leadership training day to share out the strategy and roadmap and gain executive buy-in around expectations and commitments.




With a global US based manufacturing company beginning their DEI journey, we facilitated a multi hour DEI Strategy & Roadmap session with their DEI committee and senior leadership team to dial in on key initiatives for the coming three years.

We are assisting with Right Sized DEI content for communications to the broader organization to share about the progress of the DEI committee.

We also explain the roadmap and strategy to the organization in small doses, as well as provide some introductory DEI and allyship learning content.



“Working with the team at Next Pivot proved to be influential in our D+I journey.”

Our company wanted to get candid perspectives from our associates in both the U.S. and around the world as we framed up our focus on global Diversity and Inclusion.  We worked with Next Pivot Point to deploy a series of focus groups, and we could not have been more pleased with the outcomes.  Julie and her team were true partners as we coordinated the logistics of holding facilitated discussions with associates across the globe.  They provided insights and recommendations that we were able to implement into our approach.  Working with the team at Next Pivot Point proved to be influential in our D+I journey, and truly demonstrated our commitment to hear from our associates and make changes based upon what they shared.

Heather Bonds
Global Director of Diversity + Inclusion, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences (a Danaher Company)


We’ve partnered with the US DEI team of this global retail organization to create pre-recorded, customized webinars that roll out on a quarterly basis to all employees. These webinars are branded and licensed as the Internal customer’s and incorporate their brand’s values and KPI’s.

We’ve covered topics such as:

  • Broaden Your Definition of Diversity
  • Culture of Inclusion
  • Leading with Vulnerability & Empathy
  • Lead Like an Ally



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