DEI May Be Challenged, But Its Impact Is Undeniable

Now with more and more challenges to DEI, it is critical that leaders show the importance of DEI work through its impact

With anti-DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) messages dominating the headlines, it’s an important pivot point for allies. Now, more than ever, it is critical that leaders show the importance of DEI work through its impact.

In my interview with Karrah Herring, the first and current chief equity, inclusion and opportunity officer for the State of Indiana, she explained, “Even if the DEI position goes away, you cannot undo the impact of DEI work. In Indiana, we trained over 9,000 state employees and external partners in DEI across the state. We spent time with our banks, city governments, art museums and community organizations discussing the importance of civility, compassionate listening and humanizing people regardless of what they look like, where they are from or their identities. DEI work transcends identity. It is about seeing the human in other people and being open to conversations that we weren’t open to before.”….

In this article Julie Kratz expands on why this pushback is happening now and gives ideas for how DEI practitioners can better show the impact of the work.


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