Lead Like an Ally Book




Lead Like an Ally facilitates positive change by including six leadership strategies, such as clean up the culture, stretch talent equally, establish ally networks, manage meeting behavior, promote belonging, and measure success.

Leaders, now more than ever, are wrestling with how to attract and retain diverse talent and be inclusive leaders. Despite the best of intentions, very few organizations are reaching their equality goals, even those deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. Leaders have the biggest impact on culture, yet they need tools to do this. Lead Like an Ally provides proven strategies, teaching leaders how to be inclusive with its companion manager tool kit to facilitate sustained success. Within its pages, Lead Like an Ally:

  • Teaches leaders how to be inclusive through an entertaining fable
  • Provides a window into the woman’s journey through Corporate America and the unique challenges women face
  • Facilitates inclusive cultures with proven strategies for positive change
  • Includes a manager tool kit and checklist to take action right away



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