5 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Amazon Warrior and Sprint to Success

While we all have different definitions of success, there is no one single right way to achieve it. There’s only your way.

However, there are certain traits that many successful women share. One aspect of successful female leaders is how they embrace diversity. In our post on the ‘Top 10 Strategies for Gender Equality & Our Allies in 2019’ we discussed how diversity is the key to success in many organizations, and being aware of those can make you more successful. Now, we’d like to discuss a few more ways to help you awaken your successful self.

One of the most important skills in the 21st century you’ll need to succeed is your capacity to learn. No longer is success defined by what you already know, but about your ability to adapt those skills by growing and expanding your knowledge base. This allows you to use new information and skills to adapt to almost any situation. Therefore, your path to success will be determined by how well you can learn, unlearn, and relearn.

The Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Talent for ManpowerGroup, Mara Swan noted how up to 65% of the jobs Generation Z will perform don’t even exist yet. The key is to never make the mistake of resting on your laurels, so to speak, and believe that your current MBA or other Master’s degree is enough. Adaptability and constantly staying ahead of the curve are what drives successful women.

Financial Responsibility
Successful women are financially responsible, both in their business and on a personal level. Women are now more proactive about managing their money and creating strong foundations so that they can stand on their own financial feet. This includes being disciplined with your spending, saving, budgeting and having an alternate source of income. Forbes describes how a recent survey found that almost 37% of Americans have a side hustle that provides them with additional income, as it’s now easier than ever to make money online.

However, when it comes to spending, having the discipline to say “no I do not need that” goes a long way to forming financial responsibility. In a feature by Marcus on how minimalism can lead to good money habits, it details how switching to a values-based spending method allows a person to save more for the future. Saving is one of the most fundamental aspects of financial responsibility, but many make the mistake of committing to an unrealistic amount and end up not saving. Start with a manageable amount and be disciplined enough to put it away every month.

Foster Lasting Relationships
Having a strong support network is another key aspect of successful women have, and this is where relationship building comes in. Going a step further than networking, relationship building is about genuine connections based on shared interests and goals. Whereas networking is one and done, and leaves you with nothing more than a handshake and a business card, a relationship, on the other hand, is more genuine and can create long-lasting partnerships.

If you have the ability to make yourself memorable when meeting someone, by connecting with them on a personal level, you won’t be forgotten. Now, when you have made a lasting impression and finally exchange business cards, include a note that is memorable and meaningful as a reminder of your value exchange, which will help it stand out from the rest of the cards they received that day.

Take Care of Your Physical Self
Many successful women have stressed the value of regular exercise because they know that physical exercise helps relieve stress, release endorphins to make them happier and increases energy. If you’re not already used to setting schedules, working out is an excellent way to make a schedule and stick to it. The discipline you practice when you adhere to your workout goals translates to your professional life as well and will help you become more successful.

An exercise regime will also help your brain work as one with your body and help you break bad habits. In a post by Entrepreneur titled ‘Exercise is One Thing Most Successful People Do Everyday’, it explains that by taking a few minutes out of your day to work out, it will allow you introspection time, instill a sense of direction and it’s the best way to break destructive habits.

Believe in Yourself
The message behind the famous line from the film Field of Dreams, “if you build it they will come,” is more important than you realize for your personal and professional success. Believing in your own success and visualizing it is an integral part of achieving it. Don’t be afraid of failure, as success and failure go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Learn from your failures, and use those lessons to help you succeed.

Then envision your dream and visualize the process by which you are going to achieve your success. Go back over it many times, revise, improve and try again. It’s the secret behind successful mentalities and if you follow and never quit, you won’t fail. Most importantly, and this is where many falter, don’t be overly critical of yourself and understand that in your personal life and in business nothing will be 100% under your control. Accept that. Not only will you be happier, it will help you achieve more and be more successful.

exclusively written for nextpivotpoint.com by Janine Caesar