Are These 17 Biases Affecting You as a Leader?

Having biases is an inherent part of being human, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the responsibility to manage them and make sure they don’t impact the way we lead.

Leaders need to focus on their potential biases because it directly impacts organizational success, employee well-being and overall inclusivity. Bias can cloud judgment and lead to flawed decision-making processes. When we choose not to manage bias in the workplace, it can create a hostile or unwelcoming environment, leading to decreased employee engagement and increased turnover. Leaders who actively address bias foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging, which helps attract and retain diverse talent and boosts overall employee satisfaction.

Know your biases as a leader

To be a leader is to be human, and all humans have biases. If you’re looking to become more self-aware about your biases as a leader, consider assessing your bias in these 17 areas…


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