Employees Crave Flexible, Accessible Workplaces, Research Shows

Employees crave flexibility and accessibility in their work environments during uncertain times

According to the Qualtrics 2024 Employee Experience report, a return to core relationship skills is an emerging trend employees want to see more of in the workplace. This is an opportunity for organizations to differentiate their employee experience, going back to the basics of respect, growth and trust as core expected behaviors. In the age of technology and marketplace uncertainty, employees are craving predictability in their work environments.

The research shows employees want:

  • Flexibility (hybrid work)
  • Use of AI (responsibly)
  • To be heard (including leaders taking real action in response to feedback)
  • Opportunities for growth and development (feedback and coaching)
  • To feel respected and psychologically safe (with the ability to use their unique gifts)



Hybrid work is here to stay. For jobs that can be done remotely, work-from-home flexibility is a key need of workers. Although there are generational differences, overall, 79% of employees felt………

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