What Others are Saying About Lead Like an Ally

Bravo to Julie Kratz for taking a complex issue and providing practical steps for all of us to be better allies!  Diversity is necessary, but inclusion is critical…so we need more inclusive leaders and allies at all levels in order to progress. This guide will help anyone interested in making a positive difference in the workplace and for society at large.

Bonnie Fetch

Executive , Cummins, Inc.

To strengthen businesses, families, the economy and society at large, men and women must join forces and rid our workplaces of outdated Mad Men-era structures. Through research and experience, Julie Kratz shows how transformational these alliances can be and how to form them. She also shows why making this happen sometimes even requires us to unleash our inner superheroes

Josh Levs

Gender Champion, U.N.

Very few organizations have mastered gender equality.  Kratz’s research helps us understand why. The Lead Like an Ally manager tool kits help my team to be even more inclusive leaders.

Jon Dartt

Vice President of Sales, Delta Faucet Company

As a champion of gender equality, I’ve seen men as leaders struggle with how to improve their organizations. Lead Like an Ally has powerful examples and a solid toolset that will help any leader look more objectively at their organization. It also provides the how-to’s to help leaders start changing their own behaviors and build a culture that gives women more equal standing.

Kim Saxton

Professor of Marketing, Kelley School of Business

Lead Like an Ally illustrates the myth of meritocracy, and the unconscious biases holding women back in Corporate America.  Women and allies alike can enjoy this entertaining story while learning to be allies for equality together.

Kristen Pressner

Global HR Executive, Health Care

This book is for YOU! Julie gives great insights and ideas on how you can take your next step in being an ally for women, and an inclusive leader to all. If you are looking for actionable steps on what an ally looks like, doesn’t look like, or how to be an ally, you have found the right resource.

Trevor Jenkins

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Leader , ActiveCampaign

Lead Like an Ally addresses the implicit biases holding women back in our society.  This is an entertaining and informative book that practically teaches men and women to be allies for gender equality together.

Linda Babcok

James M. Walton Professor of Economics and is the former Acting Dean at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

Julie Kratz applies a novel storytelling approach to an issue many of us are trying to tackle – how to find and be an ally for gender equality. The result is entertaining and actionable, with tools on how to lead like an ally packed into every chapter.

Dolly Chugh

Associate Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and author, The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias

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