Five Questions to Get the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation Started with Your Organization #2

What would our organization look like with more diversity and inclusion?

Close your eyes and visualize your organization performing at a high level.  Imagine the team being very diverse.  Paint a picture of inclusion.  Put pen to paper and free flow what you see:

  • What is the team doing?
  • What are they saying?
  • How do you feel?

Now, back to reality…

  • How often is this visualization a reality?
  • How much is your organization living out this vision today?
  • What are the gaps?

This diversity training question helps kick start the conversation on diversity and inclusion because there is always a gap between what we want and the reality is currently.  That is called pain.  As humans, we do not change unless there is a reason to change.  We need pain to change.  Remember the adage, “no pain, no gain?”

If you are on the diversity and inclusion training journey, consider this question to paint a disconnect in what is possible and what is currently happening.  Unpack as a team the question, what would our organization look like if it were more diverse and inclusive?

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This question works because it uses a proven technique of visualization.  People need to see a picture of success to believe it can become true.  Once the picture has been painted in your brain, your mind actively maps behavior to support that vision.  It subconsciously works to make that vision a reality.

Push your organization beyond the status quo on diversity and inclusion.  Demand that they seek to be better.  Get everyone to paint a picture of what that more diverse and inclusive workplace looks like and keep that vision alive.  Behavior will begin to align to that vision, and gaps will start to close.

Still not sure where to start the diversity and inclusion conversation?  I have more ideas for successfull diversity training.