How to Measure & Communicate DEI Progress

Most of us have heard the old adage “What gets measured gets done.” For organizations that are serious about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), measurement is key. When outcomes are measured over time, initiatives are properly resourced and leadership is more likely to stay engaged (not just when DEI is in the news cycle).

In addition to leadership engagement and resourcing, younger employees and consumers are demanding transparency on pay as employees and in the brands they shop with as customers. The most transparent companies realize they still have a long way to go, yet are committed to the DEI journey long-term. Yet, organizations that share their DEI metrics externally and internally demonstrate greater transparency, accountability, and progress in their DEI initiatives.


What to Measure With DEI

  • Diversity Reports: Companies often publish annual or periodic diversity reports that provide an overview of their workforce demographics, highlighting representation by gender, race, ethnicity, and other relevant categories. These reports may include comparisons to industry benchmarks or previous years’ data to show progress or areas of improvement.
  • Public Statements and Commitments: Organizations may release public statements or commitments that outline their DEI goals, strategies, and progress. These statements often….

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