Lead Like an Ally: Real Stories VI

Real stories from those that lead like allies.

Storysharing is a critical part of being an ally. Allies speak up, privately and publically, to amplify the voices of those that are underrepresented.  My years of speaking and training on the topic “Lead Like an Ally” for inclusive leadership, has led to accumulation of what I call the “tales from the trenches.”

Here is a behind the scenes story that a senior leader shared in a live audience for diversity in technology…

I noticed a man on someone else’s team was using an open office next to mine a few times a day.


I asked him, curiously, what he was using the office for?


He replied, ‘to pray.’


The office became occupied a few weeks later, and I wondered where this man would pray.  I asked around and made a call to Human Resources to determine if there was a place for prayer in the office.  There was not.


HR made another space available and I noticed many utilizing the space for prayer.

Nariv Shah, Vice President of Information Technology at Republic Airways

Nariv shared this story in a crowded Diversity in Tech Symposium with leaders hanging on to every word.  It demonstrates the subtle, kind actions ally can take behind the scenes to be allies.

Want to learn more about men as allies?  Join men as allies and inclusive leaders as they share their stories on the Pivot Point podcast, watch our Lead Like an Ally video series, or join our Women’s Leadership Academy.