Lead Like an Ally: Real Stories VII

Real stories from those that lead like allies.

Storysharing is a critical part of being an ally. Allies speak up, and boldly share their stories to pave the way for others to feel safe sharing their stories.  My years of speaking and training on the topic “Lead Like an Ally” for inclusive leadership, has led to accumulation of what I call the “tales from the trenches.”

Here is a behind the scenes story that an African American woman leader in financial services shared in front of her entire team in a workshop I facilitated…

I have worked here for five years and only recently did I begin to wear my hair naturally.


I did not feel safe wearing my authentic natural hair to work because I thought people might judge me.  I thought people might want to touch my hair.  I did not want to look different.


That changed recently when I realized that it was safe here to be my full self.  To be who I am authentically at work.  I can now bring my full self to work unapologetically.


I am thankful to work at a place that lets me be who I am 100% of the time.

Story from:  Next Pivot Point workshop participant

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