Lead Like an Ally: Real Stories VIII

Real stories from those that lead like allies.

Storysharing is a critical part of being an ally. Allies speak up, and boldly share their stories to pave the way for others to feel safe sharing their stories.  My years of speaking and training on the topic “Lead Like an Ally” for inclusive leadership, has led to accumulation of what I call the “tales from the trenches.”

Here is a behind the scenes story that an amazing woman leader shared on the Pivot Point podcast..

I had an arranged marriage in my home country of Aghanistan.  My father had made the arrangements and we were set to return there for me to get married.


I was young and my brother spoke up to my father.  He prevented him from taking me back there.


My father lost his life on that trip.  I could have too.


I am so thankful for my brother and it fuels my work in men as allies.


We need share our stories and include all voices in gender equality.

Lyla Kohistany, Afghan-American woman and former military leader, President of Promote Leadership

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