Leaders Are…

“Leaders are more than just managers, they help us be better”

I have been reflecting on this thought for some time now. Often in coaching, I hear managers say something like this. When they distinguish between a leader and a manager, there is a clear difference.

When describing a manager, they often say task-oriented, self-starter, directive, hands on. Contrast that with the attributes of a leader, and I usually hear positive, curious, persistent, brave, influential, results-oriented. The list goes on. It’s usually easier to describe a leader than a manager, but in reality, the attributes take a lot of practice to perfect.

As leaders, I challenge us to think of the attributes that help us stand out. Brainstorm, prioritize, and share them with the Help Your Team Grow community. Based on your feedback, I will be writing a series of posts leveraging the attributes you share. Each post will outline the supporting rationale, stories to illustrate it, then tools and tips to implement and practice. It will run bi-weekly from mid-August through mid-December 2015.

This is your chance to participate in the upcoming blog series – Leaders Are…

Message me or comment – What attributes make a good leader?