Men as Allies: Real Stories II

Real stories from men as allies.

Storysharing is a critical part of being an ally.  Men as allies share their stories and channel empathy to women.  My years of speaking and training on the topic “Engaging Men as Allies” for women in leadership, has led to accumulation of what I call the “tales from the trenches.”

Here is a behind the scenes personal story that a corporate social responsiblity expert shared with me about being an ally for women…

I had just taken a whirlwind vacation with my wife for 3 weeks.  We spent every moment together 24×7.  When I got back, I read ONE to prepare for our podcast, and got some ideas to try out with my wife.


I asked her simply, ‘what is it like to be a woman right now?’


I learned more in 10 minutes than I had in weeks.


I am not the perfect ally, I have messed this up a lot over the years.  I keep on working to get it right, and am getting better.

Tony Loyd, host of the Social Entrepreneur podcast

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