Men as Allies: Real Stories III

Real stories from men as allies.

Storysharing is a critical part of being an ally.  Men as allies share their stories and channel empathy to women.  My years of speaking and training on the topic “Engaging Men as Allies” for women in leadership, has led to accumulation of what I call the “tales from the trenches.”

Here is a behind the scenes personal story that a workshop participant shared with me about being an ally for women…

I read the statistic about women doing more hours of household labor per week than their male counterparts.  I thought to myself…


Not at my house.


Then, my wife and I sat down together with a spreadsheet, and we began logging who did what and how much time it takes.  Sure enough, my wife did considerably more than me.  I learned a lot that day.

Story from:  Next Pivot Point workshop participant

Coincidentally, I met his wife in a workshop two years later and she came up to me instantly after and thanked me.  She said, “ever since my husband read your book, he has helped so much more around the house.  Thank you!”

Proof that stories matter.

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