Noticed a Growing Disconnect Between Employees and Employers? Here’s Why.

There is a growing disconnect between employees and employers because business leaders need to realize that it’s the workplace itself that has to change, not the employees. 

In just seven years, we will face a global worker shortage of 85 million people, according to the 2023 Workforce Trends ManPower Group report. That means there will be major shifts in the power balance between employees and employers. Traditional employers with a command and control leadership style will have less power as power shifts more to employees.

With increased power over employees, expectations are shifting. Consider these statistics:

  • 31% of current workers would take another role in the next month if it offered a better blend of work and lifestyle.
  • 68% of Gen Z workers are not satisfied with their organization’s progress in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and 56% would not accept a role without diverse leadership.
  • More workers think that the ability to collaborate (83%), solve problems (82%) and be trustworthy (82%) are more important to do their job well than simply being a high producer (76%).
  • 57% of employees are already pursuing training outside of work, because company training programs don’t teach them relevant skills.
  • 75% of investors say companies should address ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues, even if doing so reduces short-term profitability (diversity, equity and inclusion fit in the “S”).

To address these growing macro trends, organizations need to…


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