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How Diverse and Inclusive is Your Organization?



Congratulations! Your organization is likely highly inclusive to diverse talent. Keep up the focus!

Julie recommends our “Lead Like an Ally” Individual program for key leaders at your organization.


Good job! Your organization is making positive strides to becoming more diverse and inclusive. Continue to be intentional about diversity.

Julie recommends our “Lead Like an Ally” small team program for key leadership teams at your organization.



Your organization has some work to do. Equality in the workplace is a journey and it takes time to improve.

Julie recommends our “Lead Like an Ally” medium team package for key teams at your organization.


Less than 40

Your organization has some major work to do. Leadership needs to be aware of the perceptions of low equality and must take action right away.

Julie recommends our “Lead Like an Ally” unlimited package for your full organization.