How to Take Care of Your Mind and Body During These Trying Times

Stressed?  Here are some ideas that can help.

Back in 2017, we published an article called Work-Life Management: Practice Self-Care, which established the importance of caring for oneself. In it, we reiterated that in order to manage work and life successfully, women should make it a priority to practice self-care. This means outsourcing tedious tasks, overcoming the fear of missing out, getting more sleep, implementing the 80/20 rule, and so much more.

These strategies become all the more important in the face of these trying times, when many of us find ourselves without the usual conveniences we have enjoyed, with some being isolated as working from home and community quarantine directives have been put in place. Having been forced to work from home, women may find it extra challenging to separate their work lives from their home lives, as even before the pandemic, they already averaged 2 hours and 15 minutes per day on household work, compared to the average of 1 hour and 25 minutes per day for men.

Today points out that women are busier now than they’ve ever been, because in addition to their regular jobs and household tasks, they’re also juggling things like assisting their kids on their remote lesson plans, keeping the younger children occupied, and checking in on their parents—all while keeping their A-game at work. Not to mention, there’s also the invisible labor, which involves planning, delegating, worrying, and managing their entire family’s to-do list as Forbes notes.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed during these trying times, here is a list of strategies you can follow to improve your physical and mental well-being:

Practice meditation

Nature notes that practicing mindful meditation can contribute to the treatment of clinical disorders and facilitate the cultivation of a healthy mind and enhanced well-being. On days when you’re feeling particularly stressed, it would help to meditate even just for a few minutes. If you’re a beginner, it could be as simple as finding a quiet spot and focusing on your own natural inhaling and exhaling of breath. Keep your attention on your breathing and prevent your mind from wandering away. Do this for a few minutes until you feel calm and at peace.

Establish a routine

With so much up in the air, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost control of everything, but establishing a routine can help you introduce structure back to your life. It will help if you emulate your life before the pandemic as best as you can. Follow the same morning routine, eating schedule, bedtime, and more. Try to focus on things that you have control over and create action plans accordingly.

Find time for exercise

It may seem trite, but it’s all the more important to stay active while being forced to stay at home. Pain Free Working highlights how workers who sit for over 9 hours a day are more likely to have a shorter lifespan, and that regular exercise is one of the few ways to lower this risk. Little activities done around the house, such as cleaning and cooking, can help reduce the risk of dying early. No matter the form of activity, irrespective of the intensity, can all help in avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

Take care of your physical well-being

Even the World Economic Forum dispensed tips on how to protect your health during these difficult times. They noted that you should look after your physical well-being by sustaining a healthy, well-balanced diet, drinking enough water, and exercising where possible. Of course, part of taking care of yourself is maintaining regular sleeping patterns and keeping good sleep hygiene practices. This includes staying away from screens before bedtime and cutting back on caffeine.

Remember that this is a difficult time for everyone and you’re not alone in feeling stressed. But by embracing good physical and mental health measures, and relying on your family as a support system, you can take good care and protect yourself.

Exclusively written for By Janine Caesar

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