Knowing where to start the diversity and inclusion conversation can be overwhelming.

The Next Pivot Point 20-question proprietary Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Assessment pinpoints the strengths and opportunities at your organization.

Based on the assessment data, we prioritize and build the action plans together.






One size fits all diversity and inclusion learning programs are not effective.

The Next Pivot Point comprehensive set of program offerings helps teams focus on the most important inclusive leadership skills.

Based on the input from the team, we tailor the learning roadmap to your unique needs.






Not all training needs to be live and in person.

Next Pivot Point has a blend of virtual, live webcasts, and live facilitated learning to meet leaders where they are at.

Based on your organization, blended learning content is crafted with your budget in mind.




Build Your Own Road Map

Review our simple 3-step process and choose the content and design that works best for you.

Talk to Julie

Schedule time with Julie to walk you through the process and decide what works best for you and your team.

Get the Content Virtually

Choose from five diversity and inclusion programs priced for individual learners.  Group pricing for teams of 50 or more.

“We were delighted with the energy and knowledge that Julie brought to our Women’s Leadership Group.  This three-part virtual and live series allowed for a greater open discussion with female leaders and their male allies to discuss diversity and its value to the organization.  It was insightful and fun and left our allies asking for more!”

Karen J. Cameron

VP Employee Engagement, First Merchants Bank

By teaming up with Julie Kratz and her organization, we’re creating a formalized allyship training and certification program, NFP Unite, to enable our employees to study and better understand the challenges of their peers so we may all stand up for one another’s rights, using all the various privileges we each have to support, uplift, and celebrate those around us and give each other a voice.”

Kim Davis
Executive Vice President, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer,  NFP

Ready To Pivot To The Next Level?


Lead Like An Ally

As leaders, we have to meet people where they are at.  No matter where your organization is at in your equality and ally journey, it is a long-term commitment.

In this engaging talk, I share ideas to kick start or supplement your existing gender equality and diversity efforts.  The top 12 strategies are based on the research from my book, Lead Like An Ally with new client story features.  Participants will learn how to apply techniques to their own organizations for positive change.


Engage Men as Allies

Women alone cannot solve “women’s issues” in the workplace.  We need to engage our allies in the conversation.  In this highly collaborative talk, I share stories, ideas, and research from my book, ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality, with four proven strategies for men and women to succeed together.

Leaders that partner together do these things well – they practice empathy, listen, speak up, and integrate work and life.  Participants will learn how to be even more of an ally, engage allies in their careers, and build a culture of allies at their organizations.


Build a Winning Career Game Plan

Women with a plan win.  In fact, they are 80% more likely to succeed if they know what they want and articulate it clearly.  In this interactive talk, I share how to build your own plan from my book Pivot Point:  How to Build a Winning Career Game Plan.

Collectively, we charter our career visions, our personal purpose statements, tangible goals, and aspirational competencies.  Participants walk away with critical actions steps and a plan to get there utilizing my proven six-step process to take your plan to action.