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Leadership Foundations

Six Leadership courses that canvas how to Build More Trust with Your Team, Proactively Resolve Conflict, Manage Your Time, Coach Others to Success, Strengthen Emotional Intelligence, and Lead with Influence.

Leaders, and all employees alike, can learn core leadership skills to better communicate with each other.  Teams of all sizes can experience the content together, or independently, and apply the skills through guided activities and a robust companion workbook.

Women's Leadership Academy

This virtual course helps women leaders wrestling with the question, “what is next?”  Often, when at a “pivot point”, it can be hard to determine what skills are necessary to develop or how to build a winning plan.

This proven course guides women through How to Build that Winning Career Game Plan, step-by-step, with actionable takeaways by covering How to Authentically Communicate with DiSC, How to Bolster Authentic Confidence, Strengthen Emotional Intelligence, Build a Winning Career Game Plan, Engage Allies, and Lead with Influence.

Inclusive Leadership Development

This content is for individual leaders and organizations that are focused on Diversity and Inclusion, yet are unsure of where to start or what is next.

Begin with our library of courses that cover the Foundational Allyship Skills of Leading Like an Ally, Vulnerability & Empathy, Candid Conversations, and Unconscious Bias. Then, take a deeper dive with our deeply enriching courses that explore the different Diversity Dimensions ranging from Gender, LGBTQ+, Race, and Disabilities.  Content customization is available to suit your team’s needs.

Online Workshop Vault

Access more than 40, one-hour, online, professional development courses that cover Leadership, Career Development, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Learn from Julie and her Collaboration Partners as they facilitate a wide offering of topics from Interrupting Bias in the Workplace to How to Build Your Winning Career Game Plan, and many more.

Lead Like an Ally Program

Modeled after the content in Julie’s newest book, Lead Like an Ally, this program is designed to teach Julie’s 12 key attributes of being an Inclusive Leader.

The engaging design features 5-minute, weekly video modules with interactive exercises in the companion workbook.  Topics covered include: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Comfort with Discomfort, Knowing Your Ally Role, Space for Others, Leadership Style, Diversity Storytelling, and Unconscious Bias. By taking a deeper dive into Gender Bias, LGBTQ+ Allyship, Racial Bias and How to Build Sustainable Systems, leaders will learn how to Lead Like Allies.

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