March is Women’s History Month: Five Ideas for Maximizing Impact for Your Organization

What Have You Planned for Your Organization?

It’s okay if you have yet to finalize an event or communication for this special time to discuss gender equality in the workplace. If you are scrambling to align your organization on a message, here are some ideas to kick start the discussion.

My clients love discussing hot topics and trends in the workplace for gender equality and diversity. I recommend having a format that invites women leaders and their allies into the discussion while providing actionable takeaways.

Give your team permission to be vulnerable and candid. Here are some formats that work well for robust discussion:

  • Top Strategies Talk: By popular demand, we created a new service focused on the “Top 10 Strategies for Gender Equality & Our Allies in 2019.” Simple, crisp ideas to meet you where you are at on your ally journey.
  • Women’s Leadership Panel: Don’t have a budget to hire an outside speaker? Leverage the top talent you do have. Get a cross-section of diverse talent from different areas of the organization with different backgrounds. Ask them questions like “Describe your career path,” “What have been your barriers and how did you overcome them,” or “Who have been your allies and how have they supported you,” and open it for a Q&A.
  • Lunch & Learn: Get your team together and watch a video or webinar together. We have a plethora of webinar recordings and videos to tee up the discussion at TedTalks from Brene Brown, Amy Cuddy, and Adam Grant are also great conversation starters.
  • Book Discussion: There is so many excellent women’s leadership reads out there – How Women Rise, Dare to Lead, What Works for Women at Work, Ask for It, How Remarkable Women Lead, Radical Candor, Athena Rising, Pivot Point, and ONE just to name a few. Craft a book summary and questions to drive positive change. We offer bulk order discounts for orders of 50 or more copies, along with discussion guides.
  • Podcast Discussion: Have the team listen to a podcast episode and come prepared to discuss key takeaways and action items together. My favorite gender equality and diversity podcasts are Tilted, HBR Women at Work, A Will to Change, and our very own, Pivot Point.

Interested in having us speak to your organization?

We have limited availability to speak in March. Just answer these five questions to get the conversation started with us:

We know that gender equality is a candid conversation.

That is why our website is packed full with resources to have this candid conversation, including:

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