5 Best Practices For HR Leaders Managing DEI

While there is overlap and the need to work together, there are stark differences between HR leaders and DEI practitioners. 

The relationship between diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and Human Resources (HR) is often complicated. While there is overlap and the need to work together, there are stark differences. Many HR practitioners get involved or voluntold (volunteered without being asked) to manage DEI at their organizations without the skills and resources to genuinely support DEI efforts.

To better manage this complex relationship, consider this list of best practices for HR leaders who are managing DEI:

  1. Start with your own education
  2. Advocate for the appropriate budget
  3. Ensure you have a seat at the leadership table
  4. Engage your allies
  5. Measure the business impact of DEI

Start With Your Own Education

There is a plethora of certification programs to learn more about DEI topics like unconscious bias, cultural intelligence or overall diversity. Invest time in yourself so that you can help vet and disseminate information to the broader organization. LinkedIn Learning also has many courses available to meet leaders where they are in their DEI learning journeys.

Consider forming a peer group of other HR leaders managing DEI to share best practices. A supportive community is pivotal to the long-term success of leaders engaged in the often-fatiguing work of shaping DEI as a cultural change. Just as with any cultural shift, it is important to give time for people to process the change. For HR leaders, that means having a strong support network for the difficult conversations that often emerge early on.

Advocate for an Appropriate Budget

Too often, HR leaders are tasked with leading DEI without a budget to secure additional resources and don’t have time themselves to build resources and tools. Rather than reinvent the wheel…….


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