Global Holidays, Celebrations, & Awareness Days for International Teams

Welcome! Use this list to familiarize yourself with the wide variety of celebrations that take place across the year. While not an exhaustive list, the following is a compilation of global holidays, awareness days, and celebrations that your global friends, family, or colleagues might be honoring. As you educate yourself and learn more about other cultures’ holidays and celebrations that may be new to you, be sure to do so respectfully.

Women’s Equality Day

(USA) Resources: Voting Advocates Say Women's Equality Day Has A Complicated (And Yes, Racist) History

Labor Day

(USA) Resources: Why we celebrate Labor Day: Some trivia to share at the holiday picnic

Independence Day

(Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) Resources: Central American Independence Day Celebrations: September 15th

National Coming Out Day

(Awareness Day, USA) Resources: What is National Coming Out Day? Here's how it started, what its goal is and how to celebrate Why do we need National Coming Out Day?

International Day of the Girl

(International Awareness Day) Resources: The United Nations - International Day of the Girl International Day of the Girl

Yom Kippur

Religious Holiday (Judaism) Resources: - Yom Kippur Brittanica - Yom Kippur  

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

(Awareness Day, USA) Resources: What is Indigenous Peoples Day? A day of celebration, protest and reclaiming history What is Indigenous Peoples' Day?


(USA & Europe) Resources: Be culturally respectful as you celebrate Halloween Brittanica - Halloween