Happy New Year: Candid Conversations Podcast

Start out 2019 right, listen, learn, and live candidly

Happy New Year!  As we celebrate the beginning of 2019, we want to show our appreciation to you for following us, for engaging in our content online, and for being allies for equality!

We have 40+ podcast episodes locked and loaded for you to engage in your ally journey.  For me, podcasts are the way I maximize travel time, learn while doing busy work, and fill in otherwise unproductive time for personal growth.

I hope you will find our “Pivot Point” podcast illuminating on your leadership, career, and diversity journey.  Subscribe and download your episodes on:

Let us know what you learn, what you want to learn as we prepare season three, and who would be great guests to share their story with us.

We do this work because it matters.  We hope you feel the same way about your work.  We hope it brings purpose.  We hope 2019 is a year that brings more diversity, allies, and inclusion to your workplace.

Gender equality is a candid conversation.

That is why our website is packed full with resources to have this candid conversation, including:

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