Is Diversity Work Positively Affecting Businesses? The Answer Is Complex.

DEI work positively affects businesses when using proven strategies

DEI work continues to polarize the workforce into two sides — pro-DEI and anti-DEI — yet most people are in the middle. Let’s illustrate how DEI can unite or divide organizations by tapping into the following three proven strategies.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work and the great divide in opinions regarding it has become a point of focus in recent headlines. One common — and very polarizing — debate is: Should we or shouldn’t we implement DEI in our organization, and if we do, should we make it mandatory for all employees?

To cut through the confusing rhetoric, the answer is yes, it’s absolutely necessary. New research reveals that 89% agree that DEI in the workplace is important. Generation Z (the most diverse American generation yet) is entering the workforce and they are looking for employers that embody and acknowledge their diversity.


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