It’s Not Too Late To Start Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help companies retain and attract talent

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are groups within organizations where employees from historically marginalized groups join together for support, education and ally engagement. ERGs are powerful in facilitating inclusive work environments where people can feel a sense of belonging, even when they are different from the dominant group.


When Did ERGs Begin and Where Are ERGs Now?

Xerox is credited with creating the first ERG, called the National Black Employee Caucus, in 1970, which then expanded to women and other underrepresented groups. Hewlett-Packard started the first ERG for LGBTQ+ employees in 1978. Many organizations have started ERGs in the decades since.

As of 2021, 40% of employers offered an ERG, a 9% increase from 2020, according to Sequoia. Many organizations have full-time employees dedicated to managing ERG engagement, and many compensate the employees who lead these efforts in addition to their regular job duties. Fifty-five percent of companies say ERGs have positively impacted their recruiting efforts, while 75% say they’ve helped retain employees.


How Do You Start an ERG?

In my interview with Fazana Nayani, ERG expert and author of the book The Power of Employee Resource Groups, she said……


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