Ally Accountability and Discussion Guide




This all-in-one Ally Accountability and Discussion Guide is designed to be a tool for self learning and further discussion amongst individuals and groups. This guide includes 10 different DEI learning objectives where we tee up the concept, provide a handful of additional external resources to learn more about the topic, and then ask several thought exercises to unpack the concept.

Julie developed this guide in response to requests for short, self-paced learning materials for individual contributors who are looking to dive deeper into popular DEI subjects. The Discussion Guide includes modules on the following ten topics:

  • Diversity Dictionary
  • Sympathy vs. Empathy
  • Inclusion Assessment
  • Microaggressions
  • Flip It to Test It
  • Implicit Association Test
  • Uncomfortable Conversations
  • Call People In
  • The Look, The Talk & The Choice
  • Candid Conversations

This guide also works fantastically as a ‘meeting in a box’ discussion guide for groups – just pick a concept in advance, have your team review the selected resources, and invite everyone to come prepared to your meeting ready to unpack based on the included thought exercises!


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